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This blurb is really the long way of addressing a recent surge in local optimism, and saying Get off Trey Burke’s back, he’s actually been serviceable, as in — wouldn’t you like a Jarrett Jack or Jamal Crawford (bit of a reach) of your own, Jazz fans?  But seriously, Zygimantas Sabonis is ALSO serviceable for such squads as practice and church ball and the Mad Ants &tc.  So let the second son of Arvydas rain down liquid skyhook bricks in a far away land or right up north in an Idaho barn-like structure, just so long as the Jazz stear clear of Wright.

Didn’t Trey Burke snag a handful of scoring leads last year?  And didn’t he hit a few buzzer beaters?  AKA, didn’t he technically win a few games by himself, or by “ flick of the wrist,” as one deadpan announcer might say?  Careful what you wish for.  Delon Wright will not solve your backup point guard problems, if in fact you have any.  Plus, how many Utes have panned-out in the league anyhow?

Cue thundering double high five — high ten? — with Andrew Bogut for becoming the all-time most actively counter-productive contribute to a championship team ever.

Over-zealous Ute-loving Burke-nay-saying Jazz fans: if you’d leave the likes of Keith Van Horn on the table, I’d leave Wright there too.

— Deej