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Although we’re verrrry certain that the Jazz will be serious contenders to lure King James in a sign/trade deal that includes Trey Burke and the Jazz signing and then trading Andre Kirilenko, Keith Van Horn, Scott Roth, David Benoit, and finally coaxing Adam Keefe out of retirement only to buy him out and send him BACK into retirement with his red hair — didn’t Adam Keefe have red hair? — we’re letting you know (despite the certainty) who the Jazz should be looking at as plan B just in case. 

Money rained down on players in this first day of free agency — ridiculous money. Remember back just a year ago when Jazz fans’ heads almost exploded at the news of the Miller’s signing Gordon Hayward to a “max” deal? Remember the honk-if-you-don’t-want-Hawyard signs? Remember honking? Well, just about everybody and their brother is making more than Gordo now and we’re only about 3 days in. Good grief, DeMarre Carroll is now making as much cash as Hayward. Yes, the Junk Yard Dog will sign with the Raptors (idiots) for four years and $60 million (just a few bills short of Hayward’s $63 million deal). Tristan Thompson is set to re-up with the Cavs in an 80 million dollar deal – 80 million… Tristan Thompson… $80 million for 8 points and 8 rebounds. Has everybody gone mad? Yes they have, but they claim not and that they’re just working the arithmetic of the ever growing NBA salary cap in the out years. The “what’s a bad deal this year will look pretty good in two” concept is being taken a bit too far.

No matter for the Jazz; they weren’t going to get any of the guys that signed in these first few days anyway. GM Lindsey says they’re talking about, and to, everyone – but there’s really only a couple of players left of any caliber that the Jazz have a real shot at.  Actually as I’m re-reviewing my thoughts and feelings and opinions, there’s really only one player — and he’s a very familiar name.

Kosta Koufos, C, Memphis – Yes, our old friend and current captain of the NBA All-Bad-Hair Team. Since waving goodbye to Koufos a few years ago, the guy has turned into a halfway decent backup center. He’s just 26 but has 7 years in. The Jazz could us an experienced 7-footer to back up Gobert without screwing with the starting lineup and the nice chemistry of the core. Just make him shave his head as part of the contract.

That’s it, that’s all she wrote. A very short list (list of one).  The rest will be small-timers. Trade talk is different of course but that’s another article.

— P-Mac