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We all know that exceptional play in summer league means next to nothing, but for some reason here at LowerTheRim, we care a great deal about it. Every goaltending call, backcourt violation, and terribly thrown alley oop pass draws us nearer D-List celebs and the onset of oblivion (Julio, get the stretch!). Yet it’s true, Summer League is no more legit than Woody Harrelson punking Wesley Snipes while his girlfriend crams for Jeopardy.  In fact, the last time some of these guys scored this many points was back in their 6th grade Jr. Jazz preseason scrimmage. But to our credit, we’ve sifted through some of the ridiculous numbers in the Las Vegas League and identified a few players whose play might actually be indicative of their forthcoming rookie season.

Here’s our top 3:

Emmanuel Mudiay

This guy looks phenomenal. If he can continue to improve on his shooting and if the Nuggets follow Chauncey’s advice to get Lawson out, Mudiay will be an all-star in no time. He’s also my pick for steal of the draft and ROY.

Jahlil Okafor

Those hands. That footwork. Highlights say it all.

Kelly Oubre Jr.

A little shakier than the 2 rooks above, Oubre offered a high ceiling coming out of the draft. We’re catching a glimpse of just how high that ceiling might be with his strong summer league play. And the Jazz picked Lyles over this guy?  (&%&*^)*&%&^$!!!!

There you have it. These guys might be three of the most productive rookies to come out of the 2015 draft. Or maybe not. Remember, it’s summer league… And we’re not actually qualified to do this anyhow.

Signing off from Mexico’s newest Premier Super-Max Cell Block:

— Dr. A