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Although we’re verrrry certain that the Jazz will be serious contenders to lure King James in a sign/trade deal that includes Trey Burke and the Jazz signing and then trading Andre Kirilenko, Keith Van Horn, Scott Roth, David Benoit, and finally coaxing Adam Keefe out of retirement only to buy him out and send him BACK into retirement with his red hair — didn’t Adam Keefe have red hair? — we’re letting you know (despite the certainty) who the Jazz should be looking at as plan B just in case. 

Money rained down on players in this first day of free agency — ridiculous money. Remember back just a year ago when Jazz fans’ heads almost exploded at the news of the Miller’s signing Gordon Hayward to a “max” deal? Remember the honk-if-you-don’t-want-Hawyard signs? Remember honking? Well, just about everybody and their brother is making more than Gordo now and we’re only about 3 days in. Good grief, DeMarre Carroll is now making as much cash as Hayward. Yes, the Junk Yard Dog will sign with the Raptors (idiots) for four years and $60 million (just a few bills short of Hayward’s $63 million deal). Tristan Thompson is set to re-up with the Cavs in an 80 million dollar deal – 80 million… Tristan Thompson… $80 million for 8 points and 8 rebounds. Has everybody gone mad? Yes they have, but they claim not and that they’re just working the arithmetic of the ever growing NBA salary cap in the out years. The “what’s a bad deal this year will look pretty good in two” concept is being taken a bit too far.

No matter for the Jazz; they weren’t going to get any of the guys that signed in these first few days anyway. GM Lindsey says they’re talking about, and to, everyone – but there’s really only a couple of players left of any caliber that the Jazz have a real shot at.  Actually as I’m re-reviewing my thoughts and feelings and opinions, there’s really only one player — and he’s a very familiar name.

Kosta Koufos, C, Memphis – Yes, our old friend and current captain of the NBA All-Bad-Hair Team. Since waving goodbye to Koufos a few years ago, the guy has turned into a halfway decent backup center. He’s just 26 but has 7 years in. The Jazz could us an experienced 7-footer to back up Gobert without screwing with the starting lineup and the nice chemistry of the core. Just make him shave his head as part of the contract.

That’s it, that’s all she wrote. A very short list (list of one).  The rest will be small-timers. Trade talk is different of course but that’s another article.

— P-Mac

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This blurb is really the long way of addressing a recent surge in local optimism, and saying Get off Trey Burke’s back, he’s actually been serviceable, as in — wouldn’t you like a Jarrett Jack or Jamal Crawford (bit of a reach) of your own, Jazz fans?  But seriously, Zygimantas Sabonis is ALSO serviceable for such squads as practice and church ball and the Mad Ants &tc.  So let the second son of Arvydas rain down liquid skyhook bricks in a far away land or right up north in an Idaho barn-like structure, just so long as the Jazz stear clear of Wright.

Didn’t Trey Burke snag a handful of scoring leads last year?  And didn’t he hit a few buzzer beaters?  AKA, didn’t he technically win a few games by himself, or by “ flick of the wrist,” as one deadpan announcer might say?  Careful what you wish for.  Delon Wright will not solve your backup point guard problems, if in fact you have any.  Plus, how many Utes have panned-out in the league anyhow?

Cue thundering double high five — high ten? — with Andrew Bogut for becoming the all-time most actively counter-productive contribute to a championship team ever.

Over-zealous Ute-loving Burke-nay-saying Jazz fans: if you’d leave the likes of Keith Van Horn on the table, I’d leave Wright there too.

— Deej

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The names of the basketball could’ve-been’s and want-to-be’s are stacked high like so many mammoth bones held fast in the Holocene tarpit that is the tail-end of the NBA draft lottery. Hilton Armstrong, Acie Law, Jason Thompson, Tyler Hansbrough, Earl Clark… and so on and so on. Sure, you can find a few names that can be considered something better than role and bench players in the 12-14 pick range, but they are sparse among the debris in the center of most drafts. So what to do if you’re the Jazz? – a team with a very young but promising core, an inexperienced (for the most part) bench, and looking hard at breaking into the playoffs with the surprise emergence of the long/tall Frenchman Gobert.

What to do?

Check your mock drafts Jazz fans, there are 19- and 20-year-old players there that can do some good things. But many can’t dribble, others can’t shoot, and the few that can shoot can’t seem to move their feet fast enough to guard opposing players. Right now the Jazz brain trust hates them all. They’ve watched film and staged workouts ad nauseam and have noted every flaw in their subjects’ immature games. And what they’re thinking right now is exactly what they should do: draft none of them. That’s right. With the 12th pick in the 2015 NBA draft the Jazz should pick none of the players that everybody thinks they should pick – not Oubre, not Frank, not Turner, not Lyles. Instead, the Jazz should pick Delon Wright out of the University of Utah.

Wait… what?

But P-Mac, the Jazz would never pick a local kid. Too much pressure to play him right away. The old Jeff Judkins Fred Roberts dilemma. And the Jazz shouldn’t waste a #12 on a player who is not “projected” to go until somewhere in the 20’s. Look Jazz fans, I didn’t say the Jazz should pick Wright at 12, although they might as well, and I’m not saying you should bet your neighbor at the Jazz draft party your free hotdog that they will pick the Ute point guard at some slot during Thursday’s draft (get lower) – but I’m telling you it’s what they should do, and here’s why: We know that no Jazz brass in their right mind would draft another really tall white guy so Frank is out. And the Jazz don’t need another wait-three-years, one-and-done project on their bench and books either. Wright is 23, a four-year guy. A smart, versatile fella who can handle the ball, defend, get to the basket and the foul line (he’s both a stellar and clutch free throw shooter), and could actually give you a little something in 2015-16.

But P-Mac, what about spacing the floor with a stretch four?  Oh brother – you guys just like saying “stretch four.” Really, who at number 12 is going to help the Jazz with floor spacing in these playoff push years? Also, picking Wright gives the Jazz more flexibility at the point guard position (back up or third point guard) if you decide to move Trey Burke and he can play alongside other point guards if needed.

I know it’s shocking to think about – but that’s why we’re here. And I can feel you coming around to the idea. D Lindsey should too.


— P-Mac